Tuesday, January 11, 2011

about me.

My name is Elisabeth, and I recently moved to Georgia from Laguna Beach, California. I have been involved in acting since I was around 6 years old, and love it more than anything else. I have become more and more interested in fashion these past few months and my style has changed quite a bit since I moved. I wanted to create a blog documenting my changes in fashion, along with other style-related subjects..
I love stores like Urban Outfitters, H&M and vintage. I like to make up stories about the clothes I buy and the people who wore them. Vintage is cool because its kind of unlimited as to what you will find. 
Anyways, I intend on posting pictures of clothes I love, fashion inspiration, and some of me as well wearing outfits I like.

Stay tuned! :-)


  1. Are you in Atlanta? So are we, I think I might have seen you at the mall once (Phipps), your mom was dragging you into the bra shop by the movie ticket thing and you didn't seem too happy about it, haha :)

  2. Hey, This is Savannah (From a witch's style) We talked a bit and I really liked your old blog! I hope blogging works out for you this time around! I am so glad you are back! Follow me again :-)

  3. NO WAY!!!!!! oh my gosh that is insane!

  4. Hi,
    I was a follower to your other blog and really liked it. But then you stopped and I was sad, but now you are blogging again! YAY :)


  5. I am so happy you made a new blog! I loved your old one and am now following this one? I also love acting. I have taken a bit of a hiatus from theatre for this year but have otherwise done it for as long as I can remember. What type of acting do you do?

  6. I really saw you?!?!!
    This is seriously a small world! I hate it when people say that but that is the weirdest thing.

  7. I KNOW RIGHT!? thats so crazy.
    ugh i miss having followers...

  8. Love your blog, and turns out i'm in your area too, small world!
    Little 5 Points has some really cool vintage shops!
    -E. Peace

  9. heey i just came across you blog.
    your 14 cool
    i'm gonna follow your blog ;)


  10. I found your old blog and I really like it:) you have a awesome sense of style!