Wednesday, January 12, 2011

style update

The last time you saw me on The Culture Kitten, I was wearing a lot of floral and light outfits. When we moved there was a HUGE weather change, so I had to begin incorporating coats, sweaters and scarves into my wardrobe. My style has definitely become edgier, I love lace anything (There is a certain top I have become OBSESSED with that my next door neighbor Em owns, I shall post pictures), bought some rocker boots and jeggings. For Christmas I got a black bustier, seen in the picture above. Its soo gorgeous I am a bit obsessed.
When we first moved here and my style changed my mom said, "Elisabeth you aren't EMO now are you??" and I said, "No, mom, I have no intention of becoming emo."
click to view larger
 oh yes I have also become absolutely and completely obsessed with nutella. it is the edward to my bella.

 oh look! my closet!



  1. You are so pretty! And I love the lace thingy!

  2. Mmm nutella is amaz! LOL. Nice denim jacket, i hear its really making a comeback.


  3. i like nutella, i think i OD last time...

  4. Nutella is amazing but it is incomparable to... ick, Twilight. Hahaha. Cute lace stuff, I love lace, it is the best best best!

  5. ahah im not a big twilight fan, however I would describe edward and bellas relationship comparable to the love I feel for nutella.

  6. cool pictures

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  7. nutella is a daily necessity for me

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  8. I am in love with your blog!!!! and i love nutella!

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  9. You are too cute!
    I love that black lace top and your hair is so pretty!
    Hope you come and follow me :)